New News, Bakemonogatari, Spice and Wolf II, Hayate Second season, Princess Lover & Kobato reviews

Hello Everyone~!! I’m back!….well temporarily  >_< I’m supposed to be doing my Philosophy work and some art homework but……mehhh I’m pulling an all-nighter anyways soo I found some time to make a blog post ^^ If you just want to read my reviews, scroll down if you just want to skip me talking :( haha, now you don’t have to read all my reviews, just the ones you want to read although I will love you if you did read all my reviews XDD This did take a while to make haha mehh….

WARNING LONG REVIEWS ARE LONG Pick the ones you want to read ^^

Anyways, the topic for today is…anime!! Lol with the start of the Fall/Winter season, this changes our weather here in Canada from cold…to colder and I don’t like that very much..but it’s a trade-off for new anime seasons to come out ^^; This fall/winter season is armed with brand new titles and some returning blockbusters~!! As the start of a new season…I had to end off a lot of the animes I enjoyed because they ended at the start of this new season >_< animes such as: Bakemonogatari, Spice and Wolf II, Hayate no Gotoku Second Season, Valkyria Chronicles, Kanamemo,  Princess Lover,  Canaan and Shangri-la (Yes I know I watch a lot haha) This season, I am watching: Kobato,  Nyan Koi! Darker Than Black Comet of Gemini,  White Album,  Seitokai no Ichizon,  To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, Fairy Tail, and Kiddy Girl-and haha yeah…most of the animes I liked ended, but I started a lot of new animes ^^

I hope you guys are ready for my long reviews and recaps of animes ^^ Plus I am only doing specific kinds of animes not all the ones I’ve watched but most of them =3

Hajimerizou~! First up, are the animes just ended..or just ended a couple weeks ago =3 I’ll also include in a nice wallpaper up for download ^^ for each anime =3 hehe


here you go~! Click on pic for higher res~! Same goes for the other wallpaper pics =3 enjoy~

here you go~! Click on pic for higher res~! Same goes for the other wallpaper pics =3 enjoy~

Well, first up, Bakemonogatari. One of my favourite animes of the year because it offered a whole new plot and storyline I have never heard of lol…some animes came close though, but it feels like if a lot of supernatural and school genre animes put together, this would be the outcome and it turned out pretty good…well in my opinion ^^; Bakemonogatari ended off at episode 12, with Hitagi and Araragi’s date in the mountains. Don’t worry too much about episode 11, because that was a recap episode of Araragi’s first encounter with Tsuabasa cat, and how they solved it and such…sooo yeah it was just a flashback =3.

The episode started off at lunchtime, with Araragi and Hitagi eating their lunch together and as usual Hitagi poking fun at Araragi, until Hitagi offered that they should go on a date together. Araragi nervously agreed which I think was funny, because he has seen intimate conversations like these on comic books and tv shows and you are suppose to be happy, but hes not happy AT ALL XDD haha so yeah anyways. Half the episode is them talking in Hitagi’s car, with her just poking at Araragi all the time. Now you are probably asking why I am referring to Senjougahara as Hitagi now because the man driving the car is Hitagi’s dad…so I would be confusing which one I am talking about..the father or Araragi’s girlfriend haha.

After the long talk in the car, they finally arrived at Hitagi’s location of choice for their date. Now this isn’t a normal date spot but it is pretty sweet, on a mountain top. While Hitagi goes off by herself to prepare the spot, Araragi has a conversation with Hitagi’s dad. They talk about how hes a workaholic, and barely has time to see and spend time with his daughter and with this Hitagi closed off her heart. Hitagi’s father was surprised to see some changed in Hitagi, and for the first time in a lonnngggg timmeee, Hitagi finally requested two things that her father hasn’t heard in years and to help him in his work. Both of those requests involved Araragi and that HItagi’s father hopes he’ll take care of his daughter and be there whenever she needs help.

After they finished talking, Hitagi came back and said goodbye to her father and thanked him for driving them. Hitagi made Araragi put down his head as they were walking up a slope because it was a surprise. They came upon a clearing and a sheet was layed in the grass. They both layed their for a while and talked about stuff.

The anime ends off at them wanting to kiss each other but NOOO IT DIDN’T SHOW them kissing  BLARGH BLARGH BLARGH >__< Talk about a nice ending eh?? Well, not really nice but it was good, nothing to drastic or epic but short, sweet and to the point ^^; Now they haven’t really given off hints that there will be another season, but if there is going to be a new season after this I do hope, I will be captivated again by all the oddities and what new stories will come up and hit Araragi in the face~!

Till Then SHAFT (Maker of Bakemonogatari and Zan Sayonara Zet…sensei)~!!

Spice and Wolf II

Spice and Wolf II

Ok, Yushhhh second review~!! Also one of my favorites of the year ^^; Spice and wolf II is continuing the adventures of Horo and Craft Lawrence.

Episode 12 starts off where episode 11 ended off. There apparently was a revolt and things have turned for the worst. Fluer comes in Ligro’s house where Horo and Lawrence was and starts explaining that the plans have been pushed forward due to the revolt. Things go as planned, Lawrence sold Horo for about 100 or so Rumoine Gold coins, I forgot the total sum… Fluer and Lawrence meet back in the inn, where Fluer had extra money stashed..Which that extra money out summed the profit Lawrence made.

But….Fluer aka abe-san which is her nickname, had some other plans….

Fluer had wanted to use lawrence’s profit to pay off a means of escape from the town and to use her extra saved up money from before which I think was a loottttt by observing the size of that bag.. gahh..

Now, Lawrence did put up a fight against Fluer but in the end he got knocked out and his profit was taken away…now I think Fluer DID feel pity for him soo she left him something that was equal value to what he lost.

That was…wait for it…….the land contract to the inn. This was equivalent  to what he lost and Lawrence did the first thing what everyone wants after they have lost something valuable.

By buying it back. By using the contract for the inn, he exchanged that for getting Horo back. Horo meant it as her final goodbye to Lawrence but Lawrence did not want it to end this way.  Lawrence came back and this angered Horo.

They say actions speak louder than words =3

And they ended off walking into the harbour~!!

Well that was the ending, where Horo and Lawrence just talk about that he will take all the responsibilities in the future and that it ruined Horo’s plans of doing something. But, just as the previous spice and wolf season, their series of adventures together and a big risk and profit coming up, this deepened their relationship together and FINALLY after 2 FULL seasons of Spice and Wolf, they FINALLY KISSED~!!

Now, there were probably some clues here that there will be a third season, but that is yet unknown. Though the major clue was, was that Horo still didn’t get back to her home and that Lawrence has a contract with Horo to take her home. The second season ending at that point was kind of a clue that there will be a third season. I predict also that if there is a third season, then I think that’s when Horo’s achieves her goal of going back home, but with Lawrence probably like dying or maybe in the prologue they’ll show and old version of Lawrence and Horo still the same…but w/e those are my speculations. Till next season Horo and Lawrence~!! =3

Hayate no Gotoku!! The Second Season

Hayate Wallpaper

Now Hayate no Gotoku is next~! First things first, I think the true ending was Ep24, and Ep25 was just an extra ending, but ALL IN ALL… I think they ended it TOO EARLY~!!! >__< aww I (and probably hundreds of other otakus like me) wanted more but…mehh what can we do?

Ok, basically I am just going to explain the last episode…sorry I am getting lazy at this rate >__<

The last episode was basically Hayate trying to get Nagi Packy (which is actually Pocky here)….thats it XD but of course, Hayate has bad luck and it took him the entire episode to get Packy..but actually failed, but made his own Packy and own box and made it look like Packy (OMG~!!) XDD well that’s it….other notable things is that it was the start of a new semester for school….well I hope there will be a third season…until then THE BUTLER LEGEND GOES ON~!! MUAHHA XD

Princess Lover!


OMG When this anime ended, I haven’t spazzed soo much ever since ionno..when was the last time I saw an anime with a really bad ending?? Ionno but I don’t care at the moment OMG I won’t even write a detailed review about this…..

Anyways…basically what happened in the last episode was that they did rescue Charlotte and then they came back and danced joyfully in a grand party hosted by Seika…that’s it….WTF?!??! In the end, Arima didn’t choose a girl…WTF?!?!?! He was pretty much on even turns with everyone and that if…AND I MEAN THAT’S A REALLY GIGANTIC “IF” I think the girls will be fighting for Teppei and who he loves….

That’s it…..raight?? WTF?!?!!? >_______< ok..enough of this…before I start spazzing again…>_<



Now its time for my reviews of the new animes out this season ^^

First one up the list is an adaptation of a manga and its made by CLAMP ^^ w00t CLAMP is back with another title~! =3

This anime is about a girl who is very naïve about the real world. She doesn’t have the common sense of an earthling and that she’s probable from a different planet or maybe even from a different world. Kobato has a different approach to everything, she thinks everything around the world is good and kind, but this might be bad for her because this can lead to some people taking advantage of her… hanato Kobato is her full name, and her main objective to collect the scarred hearts of people by healing them. By collecting these scarred heart pieces, she must first obtain the bottle that holds these pieces. To get this bottle, Kobato must go through a series of tests and is evaluated by her mentor, Ioryogi.

The first episode starts off with Kobato landing from the sky (literally~!!) into a Tokyo park. She only has a bag, the clothes on her back, and Ioryogi (her mentor and is apparently a stuffed *evil* dog XDD). Kobato does a lot of stuff that’s really funny like one of Ioryogi’s firsts tests, was to show him how to behave in a park…what she does is that she takes a newspaper from the garbage and uses it as a blanket and pretends to sleep in a park bench XD Ioryogi gets mad and this is the Result XDD

Apparently, Ioryogi can make gigantic fireballs come out of his mouth XD. Now, Kobato really wants to go to her “desired” place, and she is determined to get there. After that trial…Kobato begins to walk around and explore Tokyo (assuming it is Tokyo) she bumped into a woman that is franticly taking out the trash and is late for the bus. She accidentally drops one of the trash bags, and Ioryogi tells Kobato, that this will be another test and that where will she put the trash bag. Kobato finds the trash dump site, and there was a sign that says, beware of crows, and that don’t put opened or ripped bags in there….Kobato and Ioryogi notice that there is a whole group of crows behind them and Kobato was thinking…wait for it….she thinks that it might be better if she just opens up the bag and let the crows have it. This is the result XDD MUAHAH =3

After the trash incident, two guys was trying to “pick” her up and this is the result nyaahahah~

The guys got really mad…and was about to punch her, until this guy comes in and he sounds strong =3 lol

After that, Kobato walks around more and find herself in a park with a small store to attend to those who are viewing the sakura trees in the park. Now, a ball rolls up near Kobato and the kids were asking if she could throw it back to them (seasoned anime watchers should know this is asking for trouble XDD), anyways, Kobato tries to throw the ball, but it slips and hits the plate sand bowls of the nearby shop~ LOL…Kobato offers to help as a waitress and everything was going fine, until she was asked by a customer to make him nabe…I think you can pretty much guess what happened in these next few pictures XDD

Now that poison looking like soup is finally done…one customer bravely says that it shouldn’t go to waste…and guess what!?!? IT actually tastes delicious~!! ^^ nyaahaha~ After that is the commercial break and their before commercial screens are actually pretty cute ^^ it’s a bunny =3

After the commercial break, and after Kobato was done helping the store as a temporary waitress….she comes upon an old woman and a crying baby. The old woman told her that the baby won’t stop crying unless her mother sings him to sleep. Kobato tries to make a face to keep the baby quiet but fails..>_< XDD but its still made such a kawaii face ^^ XD

Now, Kobato offers the old woman if she could try singing and calm the baby down =3 after hearing Kobato’s singing voice…I was perplexed >__< damn she was good :P

Then people around her really loved her singing and asked her to sing more and then was mob rushed XDD

After that, Kobato goes back to the park, and talks with Ioryogy if she passed the test or not….Ioryogi says that she FAILED miserable the first part, but succeeded in the second part XD  but overall..wait for it~ she failed~!! Haha >__< but then that same old lady with the baby earlier explained that the baby had gone back to sleep and that she and the baby enjoyed the singing very much from the bottom of their hearts.

After the old lady left, Ioryogi says that she passed the test XDD because what that lady said their was worth over a hundred points =3


Congratulations~! She earned the bottle =3

Well that ends the first episode, and right now, Kobato is coming out with episode three~! Catch up while you still can its going to be a good anime~!! ^^

The ending animation was really lovely ^^

Need I say more?? :P Watch It your self~!!



OH  SHI~ Time started this blog post- 9:30pm… Time now – 12:00am

Well….my anime reviews end here for now…I still have to do Darker Than Black, Kampfer, Kiddy Girl-and and Fairy Tail ^^ Sorry but, it took me two and a half hours to write this down >_< Next blog post will contain those four anime =3

I’m sorry I couldn’t finish this >_< but also I think this blog post would be long if I continued it >__< well you know what they say, good things should come in little amounts, and if its too good…something’s wrong XDD

Sorry again~!! Hontoni Sumimasen >_<

Till Next time!


here you go~! Click on pic for higher res~! Same goes for the other wallpaper pics =3 enjoy~

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