Happy 2010!! Also Some Updates

Happy 2010 guys and girls!! Since it’s the new year you guys need to be updated, since I’ve been gone for a while now…I am really sorry about that….

Just for the heck of it~ Merry Belated Christmas~!

Flandre, don't kill anybody now...Just stay still until I take the picture~! =) There we go~

Update on Me~

To start things off, the biggest reason why i barely update nowadays is because I’m really busy, since I’m younger than 80% of my friends, XD I have final exams coming in less than a month, portfolio requirements for the Sheridan college, which their requirements are REALLY FRICKING HARD TT____TT. I have been preparing for these kind of things for the last few months, and since I barely even had time to do some gaming or watching some animes every now and then to keep me in a good mood, I guess I never found the time to blog anymore.

Honestly, I find it really fun to make blog posts, read other people’s blogs and such, but the only problem is a thing called “time.” Though I’m online most of the time, either twittering about random stuff, conversing with other fellow comrades and otakus, I’m usually doing my work, either doing research on future jobs, finding ways to improve my programming skills, programming a program, working and improving my school’s website, and constantly checking updates on the courses I want for college. Whoever said growing up was easy? Haha.

Enough about that kind of stuff for now, it’s nearly the end of my holiday break from school, and since it’s the new year I’d like to continue blogging and try to find time for it as much as possible. First off, since my last decent blog post (2 Blog posts ago), I did say I ended a lot of animes right?? Well, what’s worse is that I started a shitload more animes + more mangas XDD and what I mean shitload, is not just 10 or 15 new ones, I literally started over 10 animes and over 20 new mangas XDD (WTF right??) Now I know that doesn’t make sense considering I’m really fricking busy and such, but I guess the good/bad thing about it, is that most of the mangas next chapters are coming out in like March or April, as an otaku, my expression would be like, “FACKKK NOOOOOOOO~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” As a student it would be kind of a good thing because I can focus on my work and next thing I know that chapter is here….but I guess I have a shitload of alter egos all conflicting with each other haha.

Some Anime/Manga Updates

As I have stated before, I started a lot of animes and mangas. But I just wanted to get this off my mind.  If you don’t know Darker Than Black season 2, or planning to watch it, I suggest you skip this little rant of mine, because it contains some spoilers, and I don’t like to spoil people as much as people spoil me. =)

Darker Than Black 2 Ryuusei no Gemini (Anime)

Darker Than Black 2 ~Ryuusei no Gemini~ just ended around a day before Christmas and the ending just REALLY REALLY ticked off a lot of the Darker Than Black fans. Now the ending to be honest, was not a really good one, but even though BONES ended it off pretty bad, closing up at least 90% of the loose ends, for all you people who watched Darker Than Black season 2, shouldn’t this be a good thing though? Rewatch the last episode if you don’t know what I mean. Leaving off many some of the loose threads, like WTF happened to Hei and Yin? Who is that Shion/Yin like guy/girl near the end where he/she killed the CIA guys? What will happen to Kirihara Misaki, mao, madame Oreille & Gang now?? Now, isn’t this a sign that there MIGHT be a third season of Darker Than Black after the OVAs coming out this month?? But, don’t keep your hopes up yet, I’m just saying that THERE MIGHT be, doesn’t mean there will be one. Some animes ended like this and was never continued from thereon. I just hope that there will be a third season because, the entire second season was kind of a disappointment, we barely got to see Hei PWN the living crap out of everyone like season 1, because 99% of the season he lost his powers (If you ignored my warning from before and still read this spoiler, don’t blame me ;). Though Hei still PWN some people without using his powers and just his training :P LOL his training alone though can still kill contractors easily hahah which is the best part XD. Well, all we can do is now wait for the OVAs coming out this month and see what BONES does after it. Probably if the OVAs turn up well…I hope they can consider a third season ^_^

Mayoi Neko Overrun (Manga)

(Warning! This Post contains some spoilers but I will keep that to a minimum to keep you interested ;)

Newly coming out on December 31st, Mayoi Neko Overrun is what you would call a typical harem manga about one guy and like 30 or something girls who like him XDD. Not really 30, but yeah its wayyyy over-exaggerated Haha.  Anyways, continuing on, Mayoi Neko Overrun is the story of about two young orphans who is taken in a kind teenager. The two orphan’s names were Takumi and Fumino, which they were in the same orphanage together when they were 6 years old, but the orphange closed down and the church didn’t have enough room for the two of them, so Takumi ran away so that Fumino will have a place in the church (Aww that dang cute; im serious). Takumi was adopted by Otome-san shortly after running away and later, Fumino was adopted to another family but, now Fumino works part time at Takumi and Otome’s patisserie shop. This is the story will contain adventures about love, friendship & harems XDD. This manga just started and it already looks promising~!! *w* Though waht sucks is that the second chapter of this will come in March TT____TT NOOO long wait =( But, the first chapter is really good though~!! I recommend you read it right away ^_^

Just on a side note, the artist for this manga is Kentaro Yabuki, the creator of the manga series Black Cat, and the artist for To-Love-Ru….I know right?? FUKKEN EPICCCCCC~

No Bra (Manga)

No Bra Chapter 1 Cover

Now I know what you are thinking, it’s a weird name right?? Haha well its funny name in relation to the storyline. This story centers around a freshman in high school named Kataoka Masato who loves to wear Hawaiian T-shirts XDD I’m not going to talk about the storyline at all because, its kinda hard to explain, and if I were to explain it, the story wouldn’t be AS GOOD as if you read it yourself. Nomura Yuki is Masato’s childhood friend from 10 years ago, and now they are reunited as teenagers and from there on THE STORY STARTS~!! =D This manga is really good in lot of ways, firstly the art is fairly well done, but what really shines here, is the storyline. This is one of those mangas that can really make you smile, be happy, sad, confusion, or even have some killing intent (Or that’s just me hehe). This manga is also really ecchi and contains some nudity, but I guess most of the people reading this post will be really interested XDD haha. But the storyline of this is really interesting is because it makes you really question “what is love?” (SPOILER WARNING –>) Nomura Yuki is Masato’s childhood friend, and now reunited, Yuki is in love with Masato, because of their past and during the duration of the manga, their love strengthens exponentially XD but another thing is that Yuki, is a guy. No matter how you look at it, Yuki looks like a girl and acts like a girl. Yuki’s gender keeps confusing Masato, and that keeps him from really loving Yuki indefinitely (END SPOILER WARNING) Well…thats all I will reveal for now….The story is too good for me to explain >__< LOL BTW this manga is really popular, but it is an irregular series, in Japan, this series is done with 6 volumes, but the scanalation for it is really, really slow >__< soo yeah I don’t get that part…Well right now No Bra has 24 chapters and chapter 25 is in progress :P OHHH MAN me and probably thousands of other otakus can’t wait for the next chapter~!! >__<


Looks like I’m out of time today folks, I swear I will have another blog post around this week.

Today, I can definitely say: “I’M BACK IN THE ANIBLOGGING WORLD~!!! MUAHAHAHA” XDD

Thanks for reading~


9 thoughts on “Happy 2010!! Also Some Updates

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  2. Finally, you’re back!

    Well, the thing is real life can really take a toll on you, but I think that is more important than maintaining an internet identity. If you have the time, then you blog.

    Your first post in a long time is a very interesting one, except the part about DtB: Gemini. I skipped that part thoroughly but I’ll be reading it once I’m done watching it (which will be a long, long time).

    • @jusuchin

      haha kinda =3

      Yup yup thats true, I probably have more time now to blog because before the holiday break things were hectic, last minute marks, and blah blah blah, but now, things should cool down in terms of work and such, but I’m going to have finl exams soon~ You know what they say: “The calm before the storm.”

      Haha I just wanted to get that DTB part out of my mind >_< something was bothering me XD haha.
      You should watch it soon~! ^_^ lol

  3. Happy New Year… you have to remember to change your website when you tell others that it’s your wordpress account and not your blogspot…
    I shall face you some day on Touhou 12.3! Be prepared ^_^

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